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Hey Rigby!

UPDATE - 5/16/23, R.I.P. Rigby 😢

The article below was originally written on March 25th, 2023. Since then, my poor buddy Rigby has sadly passed away at the hands of another pet trying to play a little too nicely with him. Nevertheless, he touched our lives, even if it was for an evening, so I now dedicate this post to him. RIP Rigby.

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Birds Don't Scare Dads!

Today marks the first time I've had a bird hopping over my shoulders while my family laughs at me for appearing tense and afraid of a tiny bird with enough stopping power to scratch you, let alone fly yet. And yes, I'm sure I'm like many dads who don't act their age because this dad chose to instigate the little fella. Yeah, I had it coming; after mocking him and putting my fingers too close to him, he jumped at/on me. So, of course, my whole family was there to watch this tough-guy dad get a little skittish (but I swear, I was cool as a cucumber in my head anyway, ha).

He Ain't So Bad

Regardless, after my sketchy encounter, I warmed up to the little guy and managed to walk away from the whole thing poo free too! Also of high importance- I was wearing my North Face hoodie, which I value, and did not exhibit signs of bird fun & games on me; critically, and even more importantly, he did not touch the stache! Here is a taste of my shenanigans that our kitchen Google hub picked up. I'm the obvious one wearing the green hoodie, with my oldest son (Devan), who the highlight of my last article titled Transmission Complete. He is the handsome, younger, skinnier, and long-haired version of me in the black shirt, who also happens to be the owner of his "baby" Rigby with his girlfriend, Sarah.

Of course, after the encounter with my first pet bird chilling alongside me, liking North Face hoodies, and eating Cheez-Its, I grew to like him, and we had some fun before he had to leave to go back home. I even learned he found cameras fascinating and loves his mommy (Sarah); check out some other videos and images at the end of this entry!

Keep an Open Mind

It was a fun day; I had never had a bird that up close and personal. Raised in a home without pets, I have never been much of an actual animal fan, but I am certainly not one to say I don't like them without trying to connect with another creature first. I want to be the type of person who colors outside the lines and not the kind with a rigid black & white outlook.

The Beginning of

I pride myself on trying new things, even knowing I may crash and burn, knowing it may not end well to see if I like something. I will take all I've learned and try to emulate the essential parts, passing them along to my family and children. Hey! A prime example of this: a week ago, my little girl and I were kicking around the word "blog" (check out my very first post, Curly Stache; the CTRL+ALT+Dad life, for the full story on it!), and unbelievably a week later I've got a website up and running with some content!

The Beginning of Social Media

Along with that domain, I ensured I secured a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and now YouTube account as of today; all fired up for quick site updates, fun dad jokes, and memes on the fly- oh, and of course those incredible dad facts that you didn't need to know. Still, you have an insatiable addiction to them! So make sure you check them all out and subscribe! Each page is linked directly to my handle, user, site, etc.! Click the links to get you where you need to go and then share it with the masses!

Don't Knock It Until You Try It!

As you can see, though, I am passionate about trying new things; if I fail, I will pick myself up and try again, never failing, never giving up, and always learning—even blogs. Never giving up and constantly learning is an important quality I try to reproduce and drive home to my children. Just ask the picky eaters of my family. They all know I will say, "Don't knock it until you try it. Now eat." The point, regardless, is to "be you"; the only way you will ever be able to "be you" is to try new things, like eating different foods. Try to be open and willing about nearly everything, whether handling a pet bird for the first time or building a blog from the ground up.

Be You.

As you can imagine, this is undoubtedly a core belief in my household. So be yourself and live with the good and bad that come with it. To put it simply: march to your own beat. Lead and never follow, strive to color outside the lines- just as long as it gets you where you want in life without destroying you or anyone else (meaning "at their expense") physically, mentally, morally, legally, financially, and spiritually. When you do this, you will find how content you will be with yourself, and nearly everything else will naturally fall into place. Yes, there will always be bumps in the road, and there will be stumbles and failures- but success will be much higher next time for every failure overcome. Although it does sound like some greeting card or psych lecture- it is true!

In Conclusion

That said, keep your head high, try new things, and plan to make it happen if it is not feasible. The reward of doing this is what many only sometimes think about the lack of stress. Suppose you can achieve less stress in your life; wouldn't you agree it carries its weight in gold? I'll leave you to think about that until next time. I urge you to try something new, but do not try instigating a bird!


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