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Donate to help the CurlyStache project succeed in helping parents around the globe. Raising teens today is a journey in which we specialize but can't always do alone. Your contributions will go towards funding the best possible research, writing, editing, and fees to keep this page running. Additionally, we like to show gratitude to the occasional expert in topics we are less familiar with to ensure we are on top of our game and being as accurate as possible in our literature.

Although we do allow for ads throughout various pages of, 100% of that ad revenue goes back to site maintenance. From there, any remainder is spent on our own ads in hopes we can reach more people who could use our outstretched hand, a good read, or perhaps a laugh with a bad dad joke.

It is true when we say we can't do this without you. The CurlyStache crew of family and friends appreciate any amount that you feel our material to be worth.

Blogs, literature, and resources for guiding teenagers, including essential parenting dos and don'ts, are at the heart of all we do. We hope we are meeting your needs, and furthermore, we hope the additional

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