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About Us

As a parent, guardian, grandparent, or whoever, sometimes an outstretched hand to give support and guidance is all that is needed when raising teens today. That is where we come in. Our core focus here at CurlyStache is to help adults with tweens and teens navigate the murky waters as they develop and mature into young adults. In a volatile society where nothing is certain, we pride ourselves on always being a click away to help and assist with tough questions and situations.

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Do you have a suggestion or topic you would like to see discussed or written about in an upcoming blog? Let us know, it's all for you!

Our Mission

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Our Story

CurlyStache is a personal endeavor where we are not aiming to make profits, only to help those who need help and offer wisdom at the expense of time and money that could be spent on other efforts. The man behind the curtain is me, Dan Currie, known for his well-groomed, notorious curly mustache, or the infamous "CurlyStache."

The term "we" comprises my lovely wife Kelly, whom I've been with for over 20 years, and children Devan, Dylan, and Khloé, who were integral in starting it all. In addition, numerous friends, family members, and co-workers have all pitched in, offering their support, opinions, and, at times, their personal time and effort. I honestly could not have done any of this without their support. I would also like to recognize and thank Khloé, who has been at the forefront of social media on behalf of her dad, who still doesn't know how to use it completely!

A question I get asked frequently is why I do it. Why do I launch a website, write blogs, create the imagery, research the topics, collaborate, and pour countless hours into articles dedicated to other adults and parents raising children, tweens, and teens? The answer was simple for me; as far back as I could remember, I had an "itch," we'll call it, to help.

Dan Currie aka "CurlyStache" and his 3 children

Growing up, I was considered a rebellious teen who found comfort in music, friends, and situations that were less than ideal, coming from an authoritarian home. I hated feeling that my individuality was unwelcome unless it aligned with my family's affairs. Around that age, I became focused on, and eventually obsessed with, figuring out a way to ensure a robust set of morals while fostering a free spirit and encouraging individualism for my children. This is my journey enlightening people raising teens today and looking for answers as they walk the path of parenthood.


I have always enjoyed writing, researching, talking with other professionals, soaking up knowledge, and thinking outside the box. I love to think big and let my imagination run wild, allowing for my creativity to shine; in addition, I pride myself on being able to offer my services and help in times of need. With the help of my friends and family by my side and understanding my deep passion and personality, CurlyStache was born. This is our story. The CurlyStache story.

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Hello, World! March 18, 2023

Our Evolution

Now that you know about us and WHY we are out to make a difference and help parents, grandparents, and anyone else who has older children, tweens, or teens in their lives—how it all began is just as intriguing. It all started with my (now not-so) little girl asking what a "blog" was. Needless to say, within 6 hours of that one innocent question, was born, and our endeavor had begun! Read the full story for all the details and spontaneous twists of events.

In less than a year, we have changed the site format a handful of times, looking for the perfect style where you can come and not be overwhelmed but find what you are looking for with just the right amount of flair and simplicity. The first 4 months had a lot of growing pains; we thank all the supporters who stuck with us as we were on our learning curve. We've got a handle on it now; how do you think we are doing? If you have a suggestion, let us know!

Beginning in the summer of 2023, it was clear to us that our site was a very studious or "serious" site, which wasn't a bad thing, but we wanted a fun vibe, too, where you could get more than just advice or opinions. I've always firmly believed that part of being a parent is being able to smile, laugh—and bring home lousy dad jokes to get your family to smile, too. Enter CurlyStache Funnies. If you want your daily smile or a bad joke to tell your child or teen, check out any of our social media pages and follow us. We post dad jokes and memes daily! Credit goes to Khloé, who runs this section entirely; the Funnies wouldn't be possible without her.

In addition to CurlyStache Funnies, we've pumped out dozens of full-length blogs and an additional blog section we call "CurlyStache Lite." CurlyStache Lite was formed in September 2023, giving all our blogs a simple-text version and stripping away imagery and additional graphics. This section aims to consider the visually impaired audience and those who have a low-bandwidth connection, causing pages not to load as quickly or incompletely.

Our newest addition to the CurlyStache family is a brand new section we dubbed "The Mashup." This launched at the beginning of October 2023. Our Mashup section is filled with shorter version blogs for quick reads that are more opinion-based but grounded in facts. Check out all that we have to offer under the Mashup tab found on the menu tab of all pages!

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Spring 2023

CurlyStache and his daughter taking a selfie
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Summer 2023

Fall 2023

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, like any great company should be. We want CurlyStache to become a site where you can come knowing you will find a vast library of knowledge, information, and advice. Additionally, when you visit us at or any of its pages, our goal is to watch you leave with more than what you came for. To ensure we meet and hopefully exceed this goal, we will be launching additional services and methods of delivering our messages, blogs, and distributing information. One way we plan to achieve this includes launching a new podcast discussing recent blogs and current events and how they impact parents and teens alike. In addition to a podcast, we hope to bring additional services to the table depending on budget and popularity. Truly, the sky is the limit; our vision has no limits.

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